16.00 R20 Michelin XZL w/ 70%+ Tread (B Grade)

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While these "B-Grade" tires often have checking between the lugs and/or light scuffs on the sidewall, they are still guaranteed to hold air and work great for farm and off-road use.

Additional Product Information

MFR/Model: Michelin XZL (LR M)
MFR Part #: 06306
Tire Size: 16.00R20
Overall Diameter: 52.9"
Overall Width: 17.2"
Static Loaded Radius: 24.0"
Approved Rims: 10.00
Max Load Single: 14,540 LBS @ 110 psi
Ply-Type: Radial
Load Range: M (22-Ply Rated)
LI/SS: 173/170 G
Max Speed: 55 MPH
Regroovable: Yes
Tube Req.: Tube or Tubeless
Tread Depth: 70-80%+
Tire Weight: 342 LBS
Country of Mfr: Canada
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