325/85 R16 Michelin XML (D/8-Ply)

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The Michelin XML was designed to excel in off road applications where soft soil and mud are predominant. While most of these surplus tires have been mounted previously on rims, they are otherwise in excellent, NOS condition with all of their rubber molding marks from factory.

Most of these tires will also have leftover runflat lubricant on the inside from their original mounting. This lubricant is water-soluble and is easiest to remove with mild soap and water (using a nylon scrub brush to further agitate the solution can often speed up the process).

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Additional Product Information

MFR/Model: Michelin XML (LR D)
MFR Part #: 37984
Tire Size: 325/85R16
Overall Diameter: 38.7"
Overall Width: 12.9"
Static Loaded Radius: 17.7"
Approved Rims: 9.00"
Max Load Single: 5,070 lbs @ 70 psi
Ply-Type: Radial
Load Range: D (8-Ply Rated)
LI/SS: 137 J
Regroovable: Yes
Tube Req.: Tube or Tubeless
Tread Depth: 21/32"
Tire Weight: 118 LBS
Country of Mfr: Canada
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Manufacturer Michelin
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