395/85 R20 Michelin XZL Tire w/ 100% Tread

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These full-tread 395/85 R20 Michelin XZL take-off tires were previously mounted on rims, but never load-bearing or installed on a vehicle. They are the 'non-Plus' variant of the XZL, which have 33/32" of tread depth at new (compared to the 26/32" of the XZL+).

Some tires may also have leftover runflat lubricant on the inside from their original mounting. This lubricant is water-soluble and is easiest to remove using mild soap and water (additionally using a nylon scrub brush to agitate the solution can usually speed up the process).

Additional Product Information

MFR/Model: Michelin XZL (LR J)
MFR Part #: 54331
Tire Size: 395/85 R20
Overall Diameter: 46.8"
Overall Width: 15.3"
Approved Rims: 10.00
Max Load Single: 12,300 LBS @ 120 psi
Ply-Type: Radial
Load Range: J (18-Ply Rated)
LI/SS: 168 G
Max Speed: 55 MPH
Regroovable: Yes
Tube Req.: Tube or Tubeless
Tread Depth: 33/32"
Tire Weight: 222 LBS
Country of Mfr: Canada
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