395/85 R20 Michelin XML w/ 100% Tread on Steel LMTV Wheel (w/ Blems)

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While these tires are still full-tread with the nipples, they are beginning to show signs of light weather checking due to their age. The LMTV wheels all have mild to extensive corrosion, especially on the studs and CTIS lines (they tend to collect water when stacked upright on base), and will most likely need to be replaced completely to avoid leaks and ensure road safety. Because of this, we are adding a steep discount to the original pricing. Wheel paint color does vary based on availability, with most being tan. All assemblies come with internal rubber runflat beadlock still installed.

Additional Product Information

Tire MFR/Model: Michelin XML
Tire MFR Part #: 44852 / 99131
Tire Size: 395/85 R20
Overall Diameter: 46.7"
Overall Width: 15.4"
Approved Rims: 10.00"
Max Load Single: 10,200 LBS @ 95 psi
Ply-Type: Radial
Load Range: G (14-Ply Rated)
LI/SS: 161 G
Max Speed: 55 MPH
Regroovable: Yes
Tube Req.: Tube or Tubeless
Tread Depth: 30/32"
Wheel MFR: Titan Wheel Corp.
Wheel MFR Part #: N/A
Wheel Size: 20" x 10"
Lug Pattern: 10 x 11.25"
Mounting: Stud-Piloted
Center Bore: 8.75"
Internal Beadlock: Solid Rubber Runflat
Tire/Rim/Runflat Weight: 472 LBS
Country of Mfr: USA
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