16.00 R20 Goodyear AT-3A (M/22-Ply)

The next evolutionary step for Goodyear’s AT-2A, the AT-3A offers superior traction and improved off-road capability when compared to it’s blockier predecessor.

While most of these HET/HEMTT tires have been previously mounted on rims, the tires in this listing were never actually installed on a vehicle and still have their rubber molding marks from the manufacturing process. Some tires may have light amounts of black paint overspray (some contractors recoat the wheel assemblies after they’re mounted), but they are in otherwise fantastic condition overall, and are available for a fraction of the original retail price!

Additionally, some tires will have leftover lubricant on the inside, a byproduct of the runflat inserts some tires were installed with. This water-soluble runflat lubricant is easiest to remove by scooping out the majority of it with a soft plastic putty knife or cardboard, and then following up with a nylon scrub brush and mild soap and water to remove the remaining lubricant.

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