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  • 24-Bolt Tandem Stud 16.5″ x 8.25″ Steel HMMWV Wheel, Used (B Grade)

24-Bolt Tandem Stud 16.5″ x 8.25″ Steel HMMWV Wheel, Used (B Grade)

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Originally mounted on a 37×12.5R16.5LT for use on the up-armored version of the HMMWV, these heavy-duty steel wheels are rated up to 4,540 LBS of weight and a max inflation of 65 psi. This listing is for the E-Rated or ‘tandem’ variant of the 24-bolt, identifiable by the placement of the outer wheel studs in staggered pairs of two around the rim’s faceplate.

These have the highest weight and pressure ratings out of any of the 16.5″ Humvee rims currently in use by the military. However, unlike the 12-bolt or the D-rated 24-bolt, the E-rated wheels use a different style valve stem that is not directly compatible with most OEM central tire inflation systems on the H1 (making special aftermarket valves or adapters a requirement for CTIS line hookup).

Included with each wheel are:

  • (24) x 3/4″ 1/2-20 Self-Locking Flange Nuts (Used)
  • (1) x Valve Stem Assembly (Used w/ New Seal)
  • (1) x NEW Wheel O-Ring*
  • (1) x Spare Stud & Flange Nut

*Our vulcanized replacement o-rings are thicker than the originals, allowing them to seal better if minor imperfections exist in the mating surfaces.

A Grade vs B Grade Condition:

The primary differences between A Grade and B Grade (or ‘Blem’) rims are their general appearances and condition. The lower priced B Grade rims are structurally sound, but they often have deeper scuffs or gouges, severe paint deterioration or corrosion, and other notable surface blemishes that will require significantly more sanding and paint work to restore them to their original appearances. While the A Grade wheels still often need paint as well, it’s usually more for touch-up purposes (and requires much less surface prep in comparison). A fresh topcoat to offset varying levels of sun fade or to cover minor superficial scuffs or chips in the paint is the primary purpose, but also painting them once they are assembled has the added benefit of protecting the wheel studs from further surface corrosion as well.</p>

Beadlock Options:

While availability varies, we often stock used Hutchinson runflat inserts for $15.00/ea., which will act as an internal double-beadlock when used in conjunction with this type of wheel assembly on a 37×12.5R16.5LT tire. While some people do run them without an insert, these rims lack the standard safety groove found along the inner bead of a non-beadlock rim. This means that there is nothing outside of air pressure keeping the bead seated when an insert is no longer installed, which could result in a tire dismounting prematurely in the event of air pressure loss.

(Bulk quantities are available, please call or email for details).


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