20″ x 10″ w/ 10 x 11.25″ Lug Pattern Steel 20-Bolt LMTV/FMTV Wheel (Used)

These 20″ x 10″ steel LMTV/FMTV wheels have a 10 x 11.25 in. lug pattern with an 8.75″ pilot hole/center bore. They have been previously used and mounted on tires, and as a result may have light gouges around the center hub from prior mounting, as well as scuffs in the paint and surface corrosion on the stud nuts, and often require blasting and paint to return them to their original condition.

Included with each wheel:

  • Original Valve Stem (minus inner valve core)
  • Twenty Outer Flange Nuts

* Please note that the old o-rings are not always available with each wheel, and even when included can sometimes be difficult to reuse and still may need to be replaced to ensure a proper seal.

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