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395/85R20 Michelin XZL+ (J/18-Ply) 100% Tread w/ 2018+ DOT

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The all-terrain Michelin XZL is one of the military’s most go-to tread patterns for any heavy-duty platform where on road mobility and excellent off-road traction are both absolutely vital.

The surplus tires in this listing were previously mounted on 2-piece wheel assemblies, but were dismounted before they could be installed on a vehicle and still have their rubber molding marks from factory. Additionally, compared to our usual new old stock with DOT’s ranging from 2007 and onward, these excellent condition tires are from a limited supply with DOT’s guaranteed to be no older than 2018!

Most tires will still have varying amounts of runflat lubricant on the inside, a byproduct of the rubber runflats they were originally installed with. This water-soluble lubricant is easiest to remove using a soft plastic putty knife or thick cardboard to scoop out the majority of it, and then following up with a nylon scrub brush and mild soap and water to remove any remaining residue.


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