20″ x 10″ w/ 10 x 335MM Lug Pattern Aluminum MRAP Wheel (WO-WI 1199)

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These 20″ x 10″ aluminum MRAP wheels have a 10 x 335mm lug pattern with a 283mm pilot hole/center bore (or about 11.14″), and are most often used with aftermarket wheel adapter plates on 2 1/2 tons and other vehicles with lug patterns small enough to fit within the center bore. They have been previously used and mounted on tires, and as a result may have light gouges around the center hub from prior mounting, as well as scuffs in the paint and minor surface corrosion on the stud nuts.

Included with each wheel is:

  • The original valve stem (minus the inner valve core)
  • Twenty-four outer flange nuts
  • The original (used) o-ring*

* Please note that the old o-rings can sometimes be difficult to reuse and may need to be replaced to ensure a proper seal.

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