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  • 37×12.50R16.5LT Goodyear Wrangler Enforcer MT (E/10-Ply), 100% Tread w/ 2020+ DOT

37×12.50R16.5LT Goodyear Wrangler Enforcer MT (E/10-Ply), 100% Tread w/ 2020+ DOT

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The latest HMMWV tire model to hit the market, the Enforcer MT is Goodyear’s direct replacement and their updated redesign of the Military MT/R. Just like their predecessor, these HMMWV tires have the same aggressive, non-directional tread pattern as the MT/R, and are also equipped with Goodyear’s Durawall, nylon-reinforced sidewalls — making them more puncture-resistant than your average tire.

While most of the surplus HMMWV tires in this listing were previously mounted on 2-piece 16.5″ wheel assemblies, they were never actually installed on a Humvee and still have their rubber molding marks from factory. As a result, these HMMWV tires are in excellent condition overall, and due to this being a relatively new tire model that has only been in production for the last few years, all Enforcer MT’s are guaranteed to have DOT no older than 2020!

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Most tires will still have varying amounts of runflat lubricant on the inside, a byproduct of the rubber runflats they were originally installed with. This water-soluble lubricant is easiest to remove using a soft plastic putty knife or thick cardboard to scoop out the majority of it, and then following up with a nylon scrub brush and mild soap and water to remove any remaining residue.

1 review for 37x12.50R16.5LT Goodyear Wrangler Enforcer MT (E/10-Ply), 100% Tread w/ 2020+ DOT

  1. Doug Funkhouser

    I called in and spoke with Taylor. He was very helpful and informative about the best tire for my hummer H one. I bought the newest wrangler enforcer MT. The tire shop had no problems installing them. They were exactly the same condition as described. Born on dates are in 2021. I saved a bunch of money buying these instead of buying the new version from the regular market. Super fast shipping. I think I had them to my tire shop within a couple days. Thanks.

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